Carefully aged in French oak barrels, it was blended with a 25-year-old rum, and the latter was further subjected to a new ageing process for another 3 years. Finally, the product resulting from this unique combination of rums of different ages was subjected to a final stage lasting 9 months in Madeira Wine hulls.

Flavour, aroma and appearance:
Rum with some notes of ageing, less herbaceous and floral, and with more fruity notes.

The end result is 5 versions of Runs with the legacy of the old “Hinton’s Mill”. Each has different characteristics associated with different types of helmets.

Alcoholic strength: 42%

Capacity: 700 mL

Case: 3 bottles

Weight per case: 5,4 kg

Storage conditions/Conservation: The product should be stored in a cool and dry place.

EAN: 5600280078192
ITF: 35600280078193